The MBB History

Since the 1990s, individual companies of todays MBB Group have realized several successful projects in the environmental technologies sector. These include several fermentation and biogas plants with a capacity of up to one million cubic meters yearly tonnage, as well as water power plants and infrastructure projects with a size of approximately 2 gigawatt (GW). As early as the 1980s, employees and advisors of todays MBB Group dedicated themselves to renewable energies. Among other things, they were largely responsible for the realization of Germany’s first commercial wind park, with Monopteros 50-turbines.
We are a company that actively lives the vision of Ludwig Bölkow – to configure the development and use of technology in a way, so that we may leave our future generations a better world.
  • 1969: Founding of MBB
  • End of the 1980s: First commercial wind park – Wind park "Jade"
  • 1989: Founding of the DASA (now called Airbus Group) - Beginning of large-scale projects in the environmental technologies sector
  • 1996: Formation of the MBB Group – Spin-Off (renewable energy sector)
  • 2003: Launch of the hydroelectric power division
  • 2006: Expansion of the geothermal energy division
  • 2008: Relocation – MBB Headquarters relocate to Switzerland
  • 2011: Intensified expansion of the wind and solar energy projects
  • 2012: Founding of the subsidiary MBB Clean Energy AG